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How extensive is Converging Knowledge's industry research experience?
We have undertaken a lot of research across industries over the years. (Please refer to section on Industry Knowledge) for a list of industries. This list represents less than 10% of the sectors that we have covered to date. While we are not industry experts, we have strong competencies in research and have built an extensive contact list of industry players and experts in the market. This helps to capture important tacit knowledge, which is currently not available in existing media. Each industry research undertaken is highly customised to the specific requirements of the client. This ensures relevance and practicality for each report delivery.


How long does it take for Converging Knowledge to reply to my query?
We try our best to reply to our clients' queries with a quotation and scope of research within a 24-hour timeframe. Our policy is to attend to each of our customers' needs with urgency.


I have specific research requirements. Can Converging Knowledge provide me with bespoke reports?
Yes. Our expertise lies in providing customised research aligned to our clients' needs. We focus on information that is essential for our clients to carry out informed decisions. Please refer to the section on Services & Offerings to view the types of research that we provide.


I have a specific template that I would like to use. Can Converging Knowledge provide written reports in this template?
Yes, we are able to write reports using your specific template in Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation formats.


Does Converging Knowledge provide any research samples?
The majority of our research is highly-customised and confidential. Therefore, to protect our clients' identities, we do not provide samples of our research. We recommend that you speak with our Client Relations Officer to better understand our research capabilities, and how we may be able assist you with your research queries.


How long does it take for Converging Knowledge to complete a research report?
The length of time required to conduct research varies depending on the complexity of the research and the scope of research coverage. However, we note that deadlines can sometimes be tight. We will do our best to assist our clients in meeting their delivery schedules.


What is primary research?
Primary research involves information gathering through interviews. It will tap into the knowledge, experience and opinions of relevant companies, industry associations, non-profit organisations, technical institutions, government bodies and academic institutions.


What is secondary research?
Secondary research pertains to information that is available in the public domain. These include websites, media articles, books and other published sources.


Does Converging Knowledge have experience in conducting research outside of Singapore?
Apart from Singapore, we have experience in conducting research across other Asian countries, the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, and certain parts of Europe. Please refer to the section on Markets to view our country coverage.


I would like to explore new markets and set-up business in Singapore. Can Converging Knowledge help?
Yes. We can assist by providing our clients with market and regulatory information that is applicable to their business. However, we do not provide corporate secretarial services for the incorporation of business nor office relocation services.


I would like to obtain the corporate records of an overseas company, without the need for a research report. Can Converging knowledge help?
We do provide such services. However, availability of corporate records may vary for certain countries in Asia. Please contact us for further details.


Can Converging Knowledge undertake advisory services?
Our focus is to provide quality research to clients, so that they can make informed decisions. We do not provide consultancy or advisory services to our clients.


I would like Converging Knowledge to conduct a presentation of its research findings. Is this something you can do?
Yes. There are client mandates where we have been requested to conduct a presentation of our research findings. We have successfully provided this as a value-added service to our clients.


Who are Converging Knowledge's clients?
Our clients are mostly from the professional services sector. These include consulting firms, accountants, legal and financial experts. We also have an extensive portfolio of research conducted for the government sector.

Please refer to the section on Clients Served for detailed information.


I am too busy to monitor news reports on my sector coverage. Is there a way Converging Knowledge can help me?
We can provide a condensed newsletter report on a regular basis. We will screen the news, allowing you to focus on reading information that is of relevance to your business.


We would like an independent market research firm to conduct an industry write-up on a specific sector for a company that is planning to list on the stock exchange. Can Converging Knowledge undertake such research?
Our experience in the financial sector has allowed us to undertake industry research aligned to the requirements of investment bankers for IPO (Initial Public Offering) mandates.

Please refer to the section on IPO Credentials for detailed information.


Can Converging Knowledge conduct interviews on non-English speaking countries?
We have in-house language capabilities, which include Vietnamese, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Japanese, These are native-speakers of the language and have the ability to impart their local knowledge of their markets.

Please refer to the section on Language Capabilities for detailed information.


Does Converging Knowledge accept credit card payments?
To facilitate ease of payment transaction, we do accept credit card payments.


What are the forms of payment for clients outside of Singapore?
Clients can make payment either by credit card or telegraphic transfer. Please contact us directly for further details.

If you have further questions that are not in the FAQ, please send your enquiries to Contact Us.