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On-Demand Research

At Converging Knowledge we can complement your existing resources or assist you with desk research for benchmarks, corporate profiles or trend analysis. We have deep knowledge of statutory filings, information resources, statistics and other media materials that can support you in your information sourcing.

Quick Turn Research

  • Desktop scan of interested topic
  • Key statistics compilation
  • Quick compilation of corporate profile
  • Target research to search for answers to specified questions
  • Quick delivery within the same day or up to one weekend turnaround

 Corporate Profiles

  • Background and history
  • Management and organisation
  • Business operations
  • Marketing channels and distribution network
  • Supply chain
  • Competition and market share
  • Financial performance

Financial Issues

  • Company profiles
  • SEC filings
  • Overseas company financials
  • Corporate filings
  • Litigation and bankruptcy checks
  • Capital market trends
  • Investment opportunities